UniCycle Update!

  • LP tokens are NOT blocked from being reversed back to BNB and CYCLE
    - this is a tough decision we had to make due to issue’s showing up in this last moments
    - tackling this issues with maximum security for the community could take up to several days

Added Feature’s

  • function stakeFlip now BURNS 100% of FLIP Tokens
    - calling this function will commit your FLIP tokens to a BURN which means liquidity locked forever
    - calling this function will open FLIP Stake that farms CYCLE rewards FOREVER!
    - you can commit more FLIP Tokens to a burn to better your position for rewards
  • function unstakeFlip is REMOVED
    - by removing this function it ensures that any opened FLIP stake can not be ended and will continue to farm


Unfortunately just before launch last night we found an issue in the last moment which doesn’t completely “lock” the FLIP tokens which users obtain by providing liquidity. Under certain conditions those could be split, so we have decided to go a different way to avoid any possible exploits. All in all, FLIP tokens will not be locked as soon as you provide liquidity. They behave as completely normal FLIP tokens. After you obtain FLIP tokens you have an option to stake them to a BURN and earn CYCLE rewards or just hold them and earn tx fees.

This is a reorganisation of features that had to be done to allow for maximum security and circumvent any possible future issues.

We believe this is an even better feature because it allows for new users to provide liquidity that are only interested in classic LP provider rewards while it also keeps our original idea of locking LP tokens for rewards via staking. This is also a much simpler version of code which increases security and reliability.

All FLIP Tokens obtained by initial Liquidity Add from the Team Wallet will be sent to 0x00dead Address

With this all of our development work is completed and we are fully ready for launch today 00:00 UTC!

Private and Public Sale participants

  • All participants have been whitelisted for the distribution of their CYCLE tokens
  • Participants will no longer be receiving their CYCLE via claim but by a direct distributon

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