We know our community is itching to get their hands on our Public sale!

We have always had the community’s thoughts in the forefront of our mind when making project decisions.

With the vast number of rugs, exploits and devs dumping on their community — we have decided to postpone our PUBLIC SALE until AFTER our AUDIT has been approved by WAR ON RUGS.

We want our community, which is the core of our product, to have the confidence to know that our codes are clean, our mechanisms are innovative and to show that we want to deliver a perfectly polished project to you all.

In the coming days, you can expect:

✅Our UI UPGRADE — sleek new design that will appeal to all of your UniCycle senses

✅Marketing BLITZ — this was scheduled after the public sale , but lets get the ENGINE started NOW!

✅Videos, Videos and more Videos — why? Because UniCycle has so many untapped features that will make you go 🤔 We want to give you all the tools to MAKE THOSE BNB DIVS 🔥🔥🔥

Be patient, we’ll show you it’s well worth the wait👀



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