Unicycle is a Decentralized, Highly lucrative Staking Platform designed to reward long term stakers. Its main goal is to create a consistent flow of BNB dividends for Stakers while repeating an endless cycle of high inflation and deflation in CYCLE Token. All of Unicycle contracts are built from scratch to fit the model and are 100% Decentralized.

  • CYCLE is BEP-20 Token based on Binance Smart Chain.
  • CYCLE is the Native Token of Unicycle Platform.
  • BNB/CYCLE PancakeSwap Liquidity Pair is BLOCKED from ever being split.

CYCLE brings value to its holders in two different ways:

  1. CYCLE Token can be staked in order to collect its fair share of daily BNB Dividends up to 100 days.
  2. CYCLE Token can be paired with BNB and added to PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool to receive CYCLE/BNB FLIP Tokens.FLIP Tokens can be staked in order to earn none inflationary rewards in CYCLE.
  • CYCLE Token has inflation of 100,000 CYCLE every 24 hours, which is offered in the Auction Lobby in exchange for BNB.
  • CYCLE Token is Burned each time a user stakes, 5% is sent as FLIP Stake rewards and 95% is BURNED!

Users are challenged to use different features in order to utilize its CYCLE Token with the best performance. Once a user feels comfortable ending a Stake, user receives the collected BNB Dividend. With positive results, users can continuously use the power of compounding, while giving Unicycle healthy growth.

  • Auction Lobby is a fair distribution process of CYCLE inflation that repeats itself every 24 hours.
  • In each process, 100,000 CYCLE tokens are offered in the Auction Lobby in exchange for Binance Coin(BNB).
  • At the end of each Auction, CYCLE tokens are distributed proportionally to the invested BNB, 95% of invested BNB is distributed proportionally to Active Stakes, 5% of invested BNB is sent to Team Wallet.

This Model and Distribution process allows Unicycle to fully operate, grow in the area of Development and Marketing, without using CYCLE Token as payment.

Our users need not worry about any Dev, Promoter, or Owner dumping on their heads because none of them have any CYCLE Tokens other than the ones accrued by investing in the platform as anyone else.

Staking Lounge is one of the ways to utilize your CYCLE Token and collect BNB Dividends.

  • At the start of each Stake, 5% of CYCLE Tokens are deducted and used for FLIP Farm Rewards, and 95% of CYCLE is BURNED.
  • Every 24 hours, BNB Dividends are distributed to Active Stakes.
  • Stake collects BNB Dividends up to 100 Days.
  • At the End of each Stake,users receive all collected BNB in their wallets.

The Logic behind Staking and Distribution of Dividends in UNICYCLE is incomparable to any similar platform. The model for this contract was developed from scratch, this enabled us to include only the necessary codes and features and eradicating irrelevant features. One example is the distribution of dividends by the Share logic used in HEX. We simply removed that because early birds get all the Dividends and are not faced by inflation and deflation. With Unicycle more CYCLE staked always equal more Dividends, no matter when the user started their stake.

Also, we removed 10% minting as referral reward. Even though, referral program is a good marketing technique we find it to be a constant dilution for the stakers and therefore fewer dividends.

  • BNB/CYCLE Pancake Swap Liquidity pair is BLOCKED from ever being split.
  • Pancake Swap BNB/CYCLE FLIP’s can be staked in order to farm CYCLE each time some one start’s CYCLE Stake.
  • Once FLIP’s are staked, they collect CYCLE Rewards for as long as they are Staked.
  • CYCLE Reward’s can be collected at any time without unstaking.

Another great way to utilize your CYCLE Tokens is to Farm none inflationary rewards. This Design proved to be very powerful because it gives investors complete security in Liquidity. What we saw as downside to the design is that reward’s depend on Trading Volume which we all know is highly volatile. With our design reward’s come from New CYCLE Stake which we believe will prove to be far more consistent because of daily CYCLE inflation.

Our other aim is to create consistency in Auction Lobby by having fair amount of Liquidity. We believe consistency would come from arbitrage opportunity between Auction Lobby and PancakeSwap Exchange. User will be able to seize the opportunity to get undervalued CYCLE Tokens either in Auction Lobby or Pancake Swap Exchange while giving Consistency and Value to Unicycle.



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